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Tea Party

Justin Wedgeworth:

Today I had an assignment to photograph the Tax Day Tea Party in Bella Vista. This was a group of people coming together to protest high government spending. Some of the people at the event had reasons for being there, like Archie Birkner, of Bella Vista.

“I don’t like the direction the president and Congress are taking the country,” Birkner said.

He added that he didn’t like the probable taxes that would come from impending programs.

J.T. Wampler:
Several hundred protesters showed up at the Fayetteville square to protest taxes.

Josh Dooley:

I was responsible for photographing the economic protest in downtown Rogers today. The event drew several hundred people to Frisco Park. I can not recall having seen a crowd that large in Rogers for a political event during my almost ten years as a photographer here. It was good to see people exercising their rights. Being  citizens of the United States means we have great freedoms, such as those exercised today. I believe that with those rights come great responsibilities not only to exercise those freedoms wisely but to defend them from those who would take them or twist them for their own political or monetary gain.