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Hobbs State Park Controlled Burn

On Friday I had the opportunity to cover a controlled burn at Hobbs State Park and Conservation Area east of Rogers. The burn involved 26 personnel from Hobbs, the State Forestry Commission, The Nature Conservancy and firefighters from Piney Point, Rocky Branch and Beaver Lake Fire Departments. This is the kind of assignment a photojournalist lives for. Getting unlimited access to a large, multi agency operation is a rarity anymore these days. Had this been a real forest fire there is no way a media representative would have been allowed inside the burn area without a handler, this is something I’ve experienced first hand having covered several large wild fires in New Mexico and Colorado at my first newspaper job. I pretty much enterprised in and around the burn area to get the shots I need to tell the story. I knew only three of my photos would make it into the newspaper, but I figured I could get plenty of extras for the blog. By the time I left, four hours later, I was tired, hungry and smelled like I had spent the night in front of a camp fire. I love this job!