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Lowell Fire

While eating lunch in Springdale I got a call from Rogers News Editor Leeanna Walker telling me of a fire in Lowell. The house was reportedly engulfed. After calling two other photographer I found I was the closest.

I saw a lot of smoke off 71B but after missing one streets, trying a short cut that was a dead-end, I got there just in time to seeing little smoke or fire left but what looked like form the outside a house without part of a roof. I could tell at a closer look that the house was gutted the only real room that looked to have survived damage we would find out later was the garage. For news photographers covering any spot news is hard when it comes to the fact that every situation presents in challenges. When I got there I knew I was late and getting any strong fire photos means getting there quickly to get the fireman working.

Because I had never worked around the Lowell police or fire departments I felt I needed to be careful and watch their reactions to my presences. Over all things went well and they were very professional allowed me to work around them. Also because I could see it was a big fire and I was so late I needed to work hard to get some sort photos that would tell the story.

After shooting the fireman cleaning up hot spots on the roof and inside the house reporter, Bob Caudle, point out the owner’s of the house standing close by talking to neighbors.  I was after a time able to shoot a few frames of them visiting without being intrusive. It is the hardest part of covering spot news, those moments we photograph victims. We cover the news because it has effected peoples life and we have to do it without our presents making them feel even more victimized.