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Tyson Plant Gas Leak

From time to time we hear a fire departments being called out to some kind of gas or chlorine leak at a local production plants. They often don’t amount to anything except the companies taking the proper precaution, evacuating the employees and having the fire departments and Hazmat check to make sure it’s safe.  This morning I was thinking it would be the same as I drove with a reporter toward the Tyson Plant on Berry Street in Springdale, not far from our office. On arriving at the plant I was surprised to see, spread out over the parking lot in front of the building, a lot of employees being tended to by other employees and rescue works. I quickly realized it was not the normal precaution and that the employees this time had been exposed to the gas.

I would end up spending the next few hours photographing the event as ambulance after ambulance was loaded up with employees and taken to area hospitals. By the end of the morning officials would tells use that of the 300 employees evacuated from the plant, 173 were sent to five area hospitals to ether be treated checked out.

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