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Battle for Springdale – SHS vs HBHS

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but nothing get me more excited to shoot a sports event than cross-town rivalries! When I was in high school, it was the highlight of that particular sports season and I’m glad that tradition holds true here in Springdale. I was honestly stunned at the sheer number of students who attended both the girls and boys games. Their energy make the games not only more enjoyable as a spectator, but also release and energy into the atmosphere that I as a photographer pick up on. I find that I shoot better or more creatively when in a gym packed with screaming fans!

I was also pleased to see the games dedicated to the Coaches vs. Cancer event. The event is a collaboration between the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches formed in 1983 participated throughout the nation with high school and college basketball teams. Coaches from both teams wore sneakers with their dress clothes and cancer survivors were honored at the start of the girl’s game.

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I'm originally from Colorado and I was introduced to photojournalism in high school while working on the school's yearbook. In 2011, I graduated from Colorado State University with degrees in journalism and art. This is my first “real-world” job, but while in college I worked for CSU's daily student newspaper and I interned for Denver-based Westword, the Colorado Eagles (ACHL hockey team) and Johnson and Wales University. I cherish analog photography and I like to shoot on a medium-format Mamyia RB67 whenever I can. While I'm not at work, I enjoy doing all sorts of physical activities, especially mud runs and Crossfit, and I love to bake desserts (which are usually consumed by my coworkers).