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Wonderland Cave Clean Up Day

I had the honor of getting to shoot inside the Wonderland Cave this morning during Clean Up Day at the historic Bella Vista cave. A team of more than 50 volunteers, including students from Rogers HIgh School, descended into The Wonderland Cave wearing protective suits to clean up trash and debris from 20 years of neglect. The cave has been a magnet for vandals since its closure. Broken glass bottles, beer cans and graffiti can be found throughout the cave.

Originally opened as a nightclub on Feb. 28, 1930, the Wonderland Cave was the largest underground club of its kind in the United States. New owners Jan Edwards and Mary Miller of Los Angeles plan to reopen the cave in a year or two as a tourist attraction.

I have shot inside of caves before and it can be very difficult. I don’t like to use direct flash in these situations, instead opting to preserve the mood and ambient light vs. darkness feel. All of these photos were shot using remote flashes or by taking advantage of  the ambient light from the headlamps worn by the volunteers. I even used my own headlamp to light the people and items before me in a few of the shots.