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Clarksville at Shiloh Basketball

I’ve been shooting varying levels of basketball longer than any other sport, so for me, the game can be a bit predictable when I’ve been photographing a particular level, such as high school, after a few months. That being said, I was pleasantly caught off-guard while photographing Friday’s game at Shiloh Christian School.

Perhaps it was because I had just come from a girls game at Springdale Har-Ber***, or maybe it was because this was the first game I photographed Shiloh, but for some reason, this game was very fast. Not the time per say, but the players, Clarksville players in particular, were just really, really fast. I honestly felt the players from Clarksville were moving on the speed of a NAIA or NCAA Division III school.

(***When photographing boys and girls games, the boys are noticeably faster. This is especially evident when photographing boys after girls.)

The Clarksville players consistently moved down the court and back with great speed and hustle. Very rarely would the team casually walk the ball back after a bucket was made by Shiloh. The team also exhibited quick ball handling and…unique…passing and dribbling skills. This game was the first time I’ve seen players ally-oop the ball, pass the ball blind and backwards or trip up players by doing a quick spin and change directions. It was almost as if the team had a choreographed ballet on the court instead of plays. It was quite enjoyable to watch (unless you were cheering for Shiloh of course). When a team comes out with the energy and momentum that Clarksville had, it can easily rattle the opposing team. Unfortunately for Shiloh, they couldn’t keep up with Clarksville and lost, 79-57.

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