Extreme Midget Wrestling

Before the Naturals baseball game started on Saturday, July 13, the early arriving fans were treated to a small phenomenon in Arvest Ballpark in Springdale. Actually five small phenomenons. Five members of Extreme Midget Wrestling put on a show that was — for lack of better descriptors — interesting.

Seeing this was a first for me (and I’m guessing probably for many in attendance as well). I had little (pun intended) idea of what to expect. As it turns out, midget wrestling is quite literally a miniaturized version of professional wrestling (complete with a downsized ring). They all have their own in-ring persona with some carrying the villain attitude.

Most of the crowd that showed up two hours before the first pitch seemed entertained from both the in-ring “fights” and the taunting from Lil’ Nasty Boy, one of the villains in the crew. Players from both baseball teams (the Naturals and the Springdale Cardinals) snapped photos and filmed video clips with their phones while laughing through the entire set.

Here’s a brief (pun intended) selection of my take from mini battles.