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SHS and Har-Ber’s La Tomatina

The Springdale High School and Springdale Har-Ber High School AP Spanish class got together to celebrate La Tomatina, a Spanish festival where participants throw tomatoes at each other. Their were approximately 120 students split into two teams this year making it their biggest crowd yet. To decide which team got to throw first, the students taped a slice of bacon on top of a pole, then greased the pole making it more difficult for the other team to get their bacon. Whoever got the bacon first, won and would throw first. Yellow won this year because the blue team couldn’t get their bacon to stay up on top.

In short, this was a chaotic, but fun flurry of activity. It seemed like everyone had a good time and needless to say, I got a lot of tomato on me. I hope you enjoy the photos.

To see a video from the event Click Here.