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Arkansas at Ole Miss

On Saturday (well, we left Friday), I traveled to Oxford, Miss. to the University of Mississippi to photograph the Arkansas at Ole Miss football game. It was my first opportunity to travel for a game and also my first time in Mississippi! Needless to say, I was pretty excited. It was cool to shoot at a different university, once we figured everything out! The field was different in that the sidelines were wider on the long sides (where the teams stand, so it was easier to run down the field and around them), but the endzones were very shallow to shoot from. I spend most of my time shooting on my knees anyways, but I learned different universities have different rules. Ole Miss allowed us to stand, but some require photographers to shoot on their knees the whole time. I was really happy with my take and shooting alongside fellow Arkansas Democrat-Gazette photographer, Stephen Thornton.

Since I was so excited, I also created a little video from the sidelines wearing a GoPro on my head. Click here to see the video (I couldn’t embed it in this blog post).

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I'm originally from Colorado and I was introduced to photojournalism in high school while working on the school's yearbook. In 2011, I graduated from Colorado State University with degrees in journalism and art. This is my first “real-world” job, but while in college I worked for CSU's daily student newspaper and I interned for Denver-based Westword, the Colorado Eagles (ACHL hockey team) and Johnson and Wales University. I cherish analog photography and I like to shoot on a medium-format Mamyia RB67 whenever I can. While I'm not at work, I enjoy doing all sorts of physical activities, especially mud runs and Crossfit, and I love to bake desserts (which are usually consumed by my coworkers).