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Harlem Wizards vs. Springdale Chicken Chuckers

Monday night I took pictures of the Harlem Wizards Trick-Hoops & Alley-Oops basketball team at Har-Ber High School to raise money for scholarships. The Wizards played the Springdale Chicken Chuckers, which consisted of local teachers, school administrators and community leaders.

The Wizards are a very athletic and entertaining team. If they weren’t delivering high flying alley-oop passes for dunks, they were entertaining the crowd with skits. They also included the audience is as many skits and contests as they could. I often had to tell myself to keep taking pictures because it was fun to watch them perform. I think the Chicken Chuckers had a good time too. They were outclassed in basketball, but had fun playing for charity.

The athletes on the Wizards provided a good show for everyone. There are many pictures, but I had to exclude many just for times sake. I hope you enjoy my take from the show.